The International Shaming Events (ISE) Data Project

Research Goal

Why do countries talk about each other’s human rights practices? What rhetorical strategies do they use to shame others? How does the definition of human rights differ across countries, and what are its implications to the rule-based international order? Accurately describing country-to-country verbal interaction is the first step to answering these questions.


  • Data collection for US shaming is finished.
  • If you are interested in working with us in Spring 2023, please email Jiwon.


Current Members


This research has been supported by undergraduate reserach credit course (POLS399R), Graduate Research Grant from Emory Political Science Department, and Computational Social Science Datathon.


I thank Prodigy for providing academic license for this project.

Former Members

  • Sarah Qadir (2020 Fall)
  • Joanne Choi (2021 Spring)
  • Sandy Gonzalez (2021 Spring)
  • Anika Kapur (Jan - Jul 2022, coder)
  • Karina Nehra (Jan - Jul 2022, coder)